Mortal Kombat Fatalities and Rewatching TV

What do Mortal Kombat "fatalities" tell us about the American psyche in 2019? And how valuable is the comfort and familiarity of watching old TV shows? [27:50]

This week, Aaron and Joey talk about quirky horror icons, the allure of "punchy-kicky," gladiators, "22-Minute Worlds," the comfort TV business model, and several Gilmore Girls spoilers. They don't talk about the (yet unproven) health benefits of vegging out in front of endless New Girl reruns—not The New Girl, Joey, duh.


Top 3 Reusable Startup Hacks with Greg Kubin

What are the Top 3 Reusable Startup Hacks?

This week, Live Clickbait! In our new segment, special guest Greg Kubin of CoFounder Weekly shares his picks:

  1. the founder mindset,

  2. using Twitter for networking

  3. video conferencing over in-person meetings

Along the way, we talk about FAANG, permissions structures, Joey's Twitter Identity, the Beyond Meat IPO, Dark Forest theory, and a most uncomfortable phrase passed down to Joey that we'll never forget. They don't talk about the new, hypothetical Critical Nonsense gym where folks gain reps facing their most mundane fears.


The Missy Elliott Legacy and Cultural Critique

What can we learn from Missy Elliott? And what is the role of cultural critique today? [19:49]

This week, Aaron and Joey talk about Iconology, timelessness, the Rain, Rotten Tomatoes, Tan France, and Content. They don't talk about the future of Misdemeanor's career...maybe another episode?


Bionic Bodies and Solving the World's Problems

What does it look like when we merge with tech? And how do we get people to solve the world's biggest problems? [21:56]

This week, special guest Matt Ward, Joey, and Aaron talk about Jack Horner, "our fat, lazy selves," the Bystander Effect, a series of extremely bleak world problems, hamburgers, and great robes. They don't talk about which host would match to which Hogwarts house if they were wizards.


Taking Care of Business and Meme Speak

What is an organization's responsibility to its members? And what impact will memes have on language?

This week, Aaron and Joey talk about work-life balance, the making of Red Dead Redemption 2, golden handcuffs, raiding Area 51, phatic expressions, and inside jokes. They don't talk about how the Greek emphatikos is why 'phatic,' like 'emphatic,' sounds familiar.


Aging Professionally and Vanilla Bias

How can we evolve our expectations of aging professionally? And why don't we like vanilla more? [21:17]

This week, Joey and Jess talk about peaking, Paul Dirac, second careers, vanilla planifolia, "real vanilla experiences," and redefining 'basic'. They don't talk about how much accidental shade Jess throws at chocolate this episode while standing up for vanilla justice.


Sharing Our Feelings and Airport Culture

When is communicating emotion bad for your health? And what is the culture of airports? [20:15]

This week, Aaron and Joey talk about sharing feelings, outrage, asking for what you need, "non-places," “Business Men,” and Geert Hofstede. They don’t talk their big dreams for the future of airports.


Digital Ownership and Deconstructing Magic

Do we own anything anymore? And when does dissecting culture ruin the magic? [18:44]

This week, Joey and Aaron talk about ebooks, High Fidelity, the access business model, "where magic resides," reruns, and nuggets. They don't talk about Nuggs.


Ghosting and Secret Menus

Why is ghosting a thing? And why are we so obsessed with secret menus? [18:18]

This week, Joey and special guests Steven and Nora talk about the three kinds of ghosting, 'the first few dates,' rejection, Starbucks orders and soda jerks, Panera's hidden menu flop, and Emma Chamberlain. They don't talk about their favorite secret menu items (they're secret, after all.)


Keanu, Explosions, and Other Lightning Chats: A Special!

This week, a special episode!

Joey, Aaron, and Jess talk in lightning-round fashion about random events since the top of 2019: the Keanu Reeves renaissance, Billy Porter's style explosion, the black hole photo, the end of Game of Thrones (with no GoT spoilers, but serious Lost spoilers), paper straws, and Zion Williamson's exploding shoe. They don't talk about many other big things that happened in 2019 which are less fun but definitely important.


Business Trends and Values in Sports

How do we deal with business trends like radical candor? And what values do we communicate through sports? [19:12]

This week, special guest Muj, Joey, Aaron, and Jess talk about "the chasing mentality," "psychological safety," a bunch of other jargon, cricket, Lebron vs. Jordan, and personal optimization. They don't talk about all of the business trends (so please send us some of your favorites!)


Pokémon-Brain and Stick Perfume

Why are we afraid of rewiring our brains? And why do we all smell like sticks? [15]

This week, special guest Hannah, Joey, and Jess talk about the first seasons of Chuck, Victor of Aveyron, neuroplasticity, the local train through Brooklyn, Hwyl, and Septimus Piesse's contributions to perfumery. They don't talk about the many other ways Piesse changed the perfume industry.


Pride and Self-Promotion

How do we make Pride better? And what kind of self-promotion isn't gross? [22:49]

This week, Aaron and Joey talk about the Pink Dollar, "seeing rainbows," authenticity, The Wingman Phenomenon, the fear of the snakeoil salesman, and pop-up ads. They don't talk about how the title of this episode is the title of our yet unwritten, smash-hit mashup memoir: a composite of Joey and Aaron's personal stories and pop-cultured Jane Austen motifs.


Creative Compassion and Petty Extremes

What is the relationship between compassion and creativity? And why are we so petty? [17:57]

This week, Aaron and Joey talk about perceptiveness, the Crisis Text Line, geniuses, "Wig Gate," "spreading," and rounding on Venmo. They don't talk about whether the types of people who round are the same as the people who turn off read receipts.


Hobbies and the Mid-Tier City Moment

Why do I have to turn my hobby into a hustle? And how can mid-tier cities seize their moment? [14:47]

This week, special guest Katie, Jess, and Joey talk about making cheese, intrinsic value, sock embroidery, late-night food, park culture, and "the Goldilocks Zone." They don't talk about how there is a great controversy over the birthplace of the pupusa.


A sample of Jess's sock embroidery.

Bon Appétit calling Richmond "America's Next Great Restaurant-Obsessed Town"

The pupusa.

Disney Magic and Personality Tests

Are we killing Disney's magic? And why do we take personality tests? [18:02]

This week, Aaron and Joey talk about Avengers End Game (no spoilers), The Pixar Theory, retro-futurism, MBTI, the Chinese Zodiac, and enneagrams. They don't talk about the beautiful world of grit size.


Nutrition and Multi-Level Marketing

Why are we so dumb when it comes to nutrition? And why are MLMs a thing? [20:22]

This week, a very hoarse Jess, special guest Steven, and Joey talk about whole milk, Big Sugar, Whole30Steaks, Rodan and Fields, hustle, and small business success rates. We don't talk about which is superior between plastic or glass food storage containers (but if you need a recommendation, we'd trust the research).


"Men" by Hollywood and Deep Work

About what men isn't Hollywood writing? And how do we design a more focused work environment? [23:50]

This week, Aaron and Joey talk about somebody they made up named "Noah Centino" who's perpetually in a hot tub, "YA (Young Adult) Cinema", "the Man Box," "the Slack-ening," "Slow Thinking," and "WFH because productivity." They don't talk (much) about how Alex Contell makes his show debut as Corrections Department Officer.

Speaking of, please send all Corrections Department corrections and/or Critical Nonsense love sonnets to! We want to hear from you.


Professional Oversharing and Selling-Out

How much "I" is TMI at work? And what does it mean to sell-out in 2019?

This week, special guest Ilana and Joey talk about being tired, vulnerable leadership, embarrassing yourself, "sponcon," The Chopra-Jonas Wedding, and FitTea. They don't talk about how the best kind of Doritos is actually Roulette.