Celebrity // Moonshots

Is it fair that celebrity culture is derided when sports culture is glorified?

Do big brands have a responsibility to help solve societal crises we’d typically rely on the government to address, like climate change?

Canelo Alvarez indeed receiving the highest paying contract in history: $365M. And no, even Lebron’s Lakers deal can’t compare, coming in at a cool $153M.

Though it’s hard to nail down precisely, we know pretty confidently that Jeff Bezos is trampling the billionaire competition, even next to compatriots Gates, Musk, and Zuckerberg. Also yes, Apple is valued at over a trillion. But no, $1T doesn’t equal $1T potential dollars in space rockets: costs are indeed a thing.

Oh, right, yes, Elon Musk is having a total meltdown.

That doesn’t mean that the rich can’t move the needle. Consider how The Giving Pledge signatories donate a majority of their wealth to charity, and generally, the wealthy seem to be more generous than ever.

Speaking on OP influence, the election is in two weeks, but what Ilana meant by Tay Tay getting people to vote: Taylor Swift single-handedly swayed voter registrations in Tennessee.