Experts // Awards Shows

What does becoming an expert look like in a world with limitless access to information?

What will replace the award show in the American cultural imagination?

Shay Mitchell gives us the perfect example of unicorning. Also, it may be a sign we’ve hit peak unicorn when people apply a beauty product called Unicorn Snot to their faces.

You too can make like Joey and learn about the Black-Scholes model.

The full version of that masterclass with Pharrell and Maggie Rogers at NYU.

American Idol came out in 2002. For sure. And now you must relive that classic Kelly finale performance.

All of the Chuck Klosterman books, including X, his latest. Chuck, if you’re listening: Sylvain Labs is a big fan. Also, see for yourself the diversity of the New York Times Bestsellers.

The Moonlight moment and Lemonade moment that lost Aaron on awards for good.

Joey knows his food supplier conferences. Expo West, ladies and gentlemen.

We have no agenda to push any products or brands on our listeners. Aaron is just really THAT into the new Tomb Raider game on PS4.

Some data vis about the gap between Rotten Tomatoes Critics scores and Audience scores.