Drag Culture // Movie Sequels

Can drag culture survive the mainstream?

How and when should we be making sequels of movies?

Sadly, Con Con is not actually a thing. But Comic Con happened over the weekend and they had a pretty dramatic “photo-booth.”

The latest viewership ratings of RuPaul’s Drag Race are astounding. Also, a brief history of ball culture.

For you New York listeners, no we aren’t the only ones with Alamo Drafthouse. Thanks, Texas. For those who haven’t been, get yourself to one ASAP with a large bowl of popcorn to share with exactly no one.

Joey quoting Matt Damon quoting movie studio heads when people stopped buying DVDs and they lost half their revenue.

Also, Joey and this list of 44 movie sequels and reboots.

That Godzilla trailer Aaron talked about that doomed the film:

A take from Time on why we have so much Spiderman (and why the latest was arguably destined to be better than its predecessors).

The “sistory” of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.