Kanye // Depressed Futurists

Are we evaluating Kanye through entirely the wrong lens?

Why are today's futurists so depressed?

Sometimes, we make references during the show that warrant explanation or deserve a link. For this and future episodes, expect to find those references, context around them, and other surprises, here!

Almost a requisite for this episode: have a listen to Kanye West’s Ye and his collaboration with Kid Cudi, KIDS SEE GHOSTS.

And per Aaron’s request, Carrie Underwood’s Cry Pretty.

Next time you’re in Amsterdam, we’d highly recommend a trip to the Van Gogh Museum. But if that’s not on the docket any time soon and you’re curious to learn more about Van Gogh’s mental health, the same museum has a pretty great digital “exhibit” on the subject to tide you over.

From the other side of the musical spectrum, this:

A brief and delightful backstory from the Thomas Jefferson Foundation on why we say the Senate cools the House as a saucer does tea.

A detailed report on the future of the labor market.

If you’ve been inspired to get into the full trilogy from Cixin Liu, here’s a shortcut to ordering the Three-Body Problem series.

The Hugo Award-winner Joey was talking about? Robert Charles Wilson’s Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America. Also for your reading pleasure, a definitive list of novels that won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards for best science fiction or fantasy writing.

And if you too need more Robbie Williams in your life…